The production lines we produce are set up here first and fully tested. We provide VAT’s (Vendor Acceptance Tests), whereby our client is able to extensively test the machines at our site and if desired, can the implement the necessary modifications. Only when everything is as required, is the production line assembled on location by the professionals who made the machine. We like to listen to the customer and we provide them with a flexible workplace internally here, equipped with all modern facilities. This promotes communication, efficiency and commitment.

Purchase report

Upon completion, you receive a purchase report in which all components are described in detail with accompanying documentation.
We accurately measure the machines and components in our climate stable metrological department, using the most modern measuring equipment. This way you are assured of a reliable measurement report. By making use of calibration equipment, we are in a position to detect the slightest deviation.

Our 3D measuring arm can be used both internally and externally.

Quality management

Safety first: we will arrange the quality management for you and adjust the machines where necessary so that they meet the required certification. Naturally we are familiar with CE and UL certification.

From complete production line to the smallest component: we’re happy to help you.

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