Moors continues

The production of specific components requires different techniques. From small, individual components to complex and very large products: we have the knowledge and the required equipment in-house.

If we’re unable to process certain components, we outsource these to reliable partners, so that you are assured of the best possible end result. We’re open to all your suggestions, ideas and wishes throughout the entire production process; and if we’ve not already thought about it before you, we help to devise it with you.

Our qualified professionals go to great lengths in our modern workshop to make the impossible possible for you.

Construction/sheet metal work

Our constructional fitters have a thorough command of all types of welding, sawing and drilling. In short: everything in order to produce complex large and small components. Over the last 100 years, a lot of knowledge has been acquired and many new machines have been added.

Revision and maintenance

We fully understand that every hour a production line is at a standstill or a machine has broken down, it costs you a lot of money. Due to our flexible set-up, we’re able to take on lots of rush work. We look for the best long-term solution for the defective component: revisions, repairs or replacements. The solution reached is often better than the original because practical experience is included and we listen to the customer.


We machine in the broadest sense of the word. From large borings to small, turned components. From Super Duplex to tool steels. Our machine park consists of a wide variety of Teach-in, CNC and conventional processing machines. Our strength lies mainly in the processing of single pieces.

We love challenges

Nothing is too outrageous for Moors. The most wide ranging of projects have taken place here. From fluid tanks for the aerospace industry to patented production lines for the food processing industry. This requires specific machines, know-how and craftsmanship but in particular a healthy passion for the branch.

Put your question to us and we will find the best solution for you.

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